Imrich Chlamtac

Dear Friends,

As President of European Alliance of Innovation (EAI), a global initiative for promoting growth of ICT based economy and digital society, I would like to welcome you to our official blog.

EAI is a community of ICT researchers and innovators working together to identify and promote innovative research and its transfer to technology, a key for realizing European ICT potential and its global recognition.

Through EAI, we aim to effectively disseminate scientific research by collaborating with our community, connecting researchers and innovators through worldwide collaboration, supporting scientists in the spread of good ideas and projects.

We are launching this blog for several reasons.

  • First, EAI has reached today’s level of significance thanks to its most valuable resource – people who have been and are collaborating with us. EAI puts good ideas centerstage using social networks and community based communication and fair evaluation.
  • Secondly, the blog allows researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and all people interested in our activities to liaise with each other and with us for an opportunity  to promote their activities, to share experience, and to collaborate.
  • Finally, our blog will become a meeting point, which would allow people with different backgrounds to collectively build knowledge, to become a point of convergence connecting EAI members from different research fields working toward a common goal, and to link their research with the interests of EAI’s hundreds of institutional members, big and small worldwide.

To sum up, this blog embodies a unique platform, where we will share cutting-edge ideas and market opportunities, build relationships by putting the best ideas in the center of the information flow, and provide a place where members can find valuable information on specific topics of interest.

We believe that interaction is a key ingredient for building long-term trust-based relationships. Therefore,  we highly encourage you to leave feedback and get in touch with us for any questions or observations you may have via this blog and/or our official social media channels.

Warm regards,

EAI President

Prof. Imrich Chlamtac

Imrich Chlamtac


  1. Dear Prof. Chlamtac,
    very nice and useful initiative.
    It would be nice if we might get in touch back again: I’m working on incubation of social enterprises, specifically addressing mHealth , which I see is of much interest to EAI.
    Looking for your contact.

    Bruno Conte

    1. Dear Dr. Conte,

      Thank you for your comment. All the EAI staff is committed to the
      promotion of the digital society with the help and contributions of
      all its members on a daily basis. The blog is part of this
      commitment, and we are pleased to learn that you appreciate our
      initiative. We are happy to see you and other community members at the
      core of our activities.


      EAI Social Media Team

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