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The Insights – Radio Spectrum session hosts another interesting article written by the section’s owner, Dr. Ming, co-written by Dr. Chunsheng Xin. The original contributions of our ICT experts is about a new paradigm and approach for Improving Spectrum Efficiency.

With Dr. Benny Lo we discuss new trends and achievements within the area of healthcare and IoT. Dr. Lo, future General Chair of the upcoming SWIT-Health Conference, highlights the role of future IoT devises that will become smaller, smarter and good to better understand human physiology, disease progress and so on.

Professor Villari, General Chai of CN4IoT expresses his expectations for the upcoming conference that will be co-located with the IOT360 Summit and discussed with us about the most exciting challenges for the future of the IoT and cloud.

We present two of the most interesting research papers presented at the 2014 editions of 5G, and COLLABORATECOM. Also we present you with the Best Papers of VALUETOOLS and ADHOCNETS, concerned, respectively, with spatial fairness in multi-channel CSMAs, and localizing wireless devices to rescue the victims of disastrous events. Make also sure to read the fifth issue of the EAI Endorsed on e-Learning, to stay up-to-date with new achievements in the field.

Last but not least, we look forward for the upcoming Crowncom 2015, that will take place next month in Doha, Qatar with a number of tracks and special session to spread the knowledge on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and PervasiveHealth 2015, the 9th International Conference Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare to take place in Istanbul on May 20-23!!

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