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Imrich Chlamtac

EAI embraces the whole range of research areas and topics of interest related to information and communications technology. As every week, this week we highlighted a diverse range of compelling studies by members of our international community. The latter are working to advance various aspects of ICT and, ultimately, our society.

The words of Professor Youssef, the general chair of MobiQuitous 2014, prove this. In our interview, he expressed optimism about the ‘endless possibilities’ and importance of the research community for the future of all aspects of our lives. One of the papers presented at this particular conference, that we also highlighted this week, shows that even less developed regions have reason to be optimistic, as researchers remember to take them into account when outlining the future.

Proudly putting the members of our community at the center of all our activities, we also interviewed Professor Fortino, the general chair of BODYNETS 2014, who offered many insights into future trends in Body Area Networks and confirmed that the conference was an excellent place to discuss these. The promising study by researchers from the University of Virginia, recently made available on EUDL, provides a taster of the quality of the conference in anticipation of next year’s edition. EAI Endorsed Transactions on specific topics, such as Self-Adaptive Systems, also keep being published on EUDL, providing access to topical research on exciting subjects for free.

The studies on m-learning and mobile data services on public transport promoted on our blog this week show that theoretical research can and does have practical impact on our day-to-day lives. EAI will continue to strive and connect academia and industry, to make sure researchers implement their ideas in real life, and that promising theoretical solutions do not stop short of being transformed into marketable products that will benefit everyone.

Imrich Chlamtac, EAI President

Imrich Chlamtac

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