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Over the past week, we presented a series of ICT related contents to keep discussing with you main topics of interest for our Community of researchers and innovators. Make sure to read the great insight by Dr. Matei Mancas under his Section on Computational Attention. Dr. Mancas showed a detailed overview of the historical steps of the concept of Attention, ranging from philosophy to psychology.

With Dr. Shakir, Technical Program Chair of CROWNCOM 2015 together with Dr. Adballah and Dr. Karagiannidis, we discussed developments of the upcoming 10th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks, to be held in Doha, Qatar on April 21-23. Dr. Shakir expressed his optimistic view about the further evolution of Cognitive radio technology with the future wireless networks and pointed out that the cognition in wireless communications will be an essential feature of fifth-generation (5G) systems.

We also highlighted an interesting paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Body Area Networks about epsilon-near-zero antenna and the Best Paper of BICT 2014 in which the group of researchers have introduced the notion of context-based games as a strong extension of concurrent games, and defined games on the medium of a one-cell-organism for the first time.

Finally yet importantly, don’t loose the opportunity to join us in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China on May 25-27, 2015 for the upcoming 8th International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications.

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