TRIDENTCOM 2015: a must for experts in testbeds and research infrastructures


Another International Conference not to be missed: the 10th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities (TRIDENTCOM) will take place in Vancouver!

The Canadian city will host the 10th edition of the conference on June 20-23. TRIDENTCOM 2015 ensures to bring a high-level contribution to the field and aims to bring together top technical experts and researchers from academia, industry and government from all over the world to discuss testbeds and research infrastructures for:

  • advanced networking
  • cloud computing
  • cyber physical systems
  • connected vehicles.

What is the main focus of the conference? The conference will focus on experimentation through a variety of topics of interest including testing, verification, deployment, integration, management and federation of testbed facilities and  experimental research based on testbed implementation of novel schemes on research testbeds. Specifically, TRIDENTCOM 2015 will focus on research testbeds for cyber physical systems & applications, research testbeds for ICT infrastructure and research testbed methodologies, techniques and tools.

Who should attend the conference? Tridentcom is a must event for those interested in or responsible for the design, operation or application of network testbeds and research infrastructure!

Why to attend the conference? Tridentcom 2015 will serve as an international arena where researchers, practitioners, providers and users will exchange their knowledge and know-how, their needs and visions for establishing the convergence of advanced networking and cloud computing!

Furthermore the conference will be chaired by relevant experts on the field such as Prof. David G. Michelson – University of British Columbia (General Co-Chair), Prof. Alberto Leon Garcia –  University of Toronto (General Co-Chair), Prof. Wei-Bin Zhang – University of California-Berkeley (General Co-Chair), Prof. Justin Cappos – New York University (TPC Co-Chair), Prof. Mohamed El Darieby – University of Regina (TPC Co-Chair) and Michael Hrybyk – President & CEO, BCNET (Network Infrastructure Chair).

Discover more about TRIDENTCOM here.

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