The fourth issue of the EAI Endorsed Transactions on e-Learning is out


Education is one domain that has accompanied civilization throughout the centuries, adapting its tools to fulfill the expectations of students and the needs of teachers. Such tools can be as obvious and traditional as pencils and notebooks, or as complex and innovative as websites or multi-user virtual environments. Typical in-person learning environments, such as classrooms and meeting rooms, are at times not the best solution to enable and maximize a student’s ability to learn. Although they do fulfill their purpose of giving students the opportunity to understanding course material and of reaching their instructors, they sometimes can create barriers that cannot be easily overcome.

Web-based instruction and multi-user virtual environments allow more freedom in terms of time restraints and the physical limitations innate to typical lectures and classroom settings. Through these innovative mediums we can explore concepts while being a part of a learning community through socialization and collaboration online. Many universities, public institutions and private businesses are projecting themselves on the Internet and in virtual worlds to reach the customer at any time, giving them the notion of a virtual presence that cannot be delivered through a simple website. This observation sparks the idea that is at the very foundation of this publication with a focus on e-learning and e-education.

The EAI Endorsed Transactions on e-Learning aims at becoming a central repository of information about the utilization of on-line education through web-based instruction and multi-user virtual environments. The journal intends to create a one-stop resource to teachers, researchers and practitioners who wish to access information of high quality and broad coverage.

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