The Fifth EAI Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems


The EAI Endorsed Transactions on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems focus on the publication of the latest research and developments in the broader areas of industrial networks and intelligent systems.

The fast development of communication technologies has emerged as applicable in various industries, entailing a reduction of costs and an increase in reliability. However, the industrial environment features extreme physical conditions as well as the globalized economic environment is equally dynamic and harsh, which poses extra constraints to management and planning. Such constraints call for the criticality of the design, analysis and implementation of intelligent systems and networks to satisfy the requirements of various stakeholders with an interdisciplinary approach.

The Fifth issue of the journal has just been published on the EUDL digital library, with contributions such as ‘How to Make Business Processes “Socialize”?’ and ‘A Review of Research on Acoustic Detection of Heat Exchanger Tube’.

If your research meets the scopes of the journal, be sure to submit it.

Editorial Staff

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