Smartcity360 2015 summit: the challenge of the new cities and citizens

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Only six months left till SMART CITY 360, the first international summit about technology and innovation applied to smart cities!

SMART CITY 360 brings together researchers, industry and urban leaders to discuss the crucial issues around smart cities and mobility. The Summit will take place simultaneously in Bratislava, Slovakia and Toronto, Canada, on 13-16 October 2015 and consists of three tracks: TechnologyInnovation and Community.

The objective is to provide a platform for international scientific cooperation, presentation of scientific output, linking research and practice community-based and popularization of topics Smart Cities and mobility in Central Europe and North America.

The day before the opening and the official start, 12 co-located scientific conferences that give a space to selected scientific researches will start. Each of the one or two-days conferences will have a separate organizational and scientific team. The following events will take place in Bratislava: SmartCityCom, ECARS, MobilityFoF, Sustainable MoG, CivicTech and DanubeRegionMobility. The appointments in Toronto will be with: SUMS, SGSC, SWIT-Health, 5GiSC, S2CT and BigDASC.

More than 100 speakers from all around the world, representing both industry and academy, have already confirmed their participation – including leaders of IBM, Ericsson, Qatar Foundation, SAVI, GENI, or Italian Create-NET. Furthermore, EAI partners with various governmental and regional bodies, including I-Canada Alliance, Slovak University of Technology, or Toronto University, in order to ensure the top quality of the event in Slovakia as well as in Canada. SMART CITY 360 will also welcome representatives of various cities, among others Bratislava, Toronto, Montreal, Vienna and Barcelona.

Furthermore, Mr. Maros Sefcovic, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner of Energy Union, will patronize the event.

If you are ready to meet leaders of innovative technology companies, or you are a manager focused on the world’s most innovative examples of smart city development, get involved!

Find more info about the SMART CITY 360 Summit and the co-located conferences here and follow us on Twitter!

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