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The 2nd edition of the International Summit Smart City 360°  will take place  on 22-24 November 2016 in the Slovak capital, Bratislava. The Summit is held under the patronage of Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Commission.

Smart City 360° Summit 2016 will give you an opportunity to forge new relationships with technology leaders, strategists and key decision makers and gain access to a target rich environment of young and promising researchers, and established names in the field, as well as up and coming members of the community.

The Summit will address topics such as The current situation and future outlook on the automotive industry, what it takes to educate and recruit the right talent, but it will also deal with Alternative energy sources and Cost effective solutions for governments and municipalities. The audience will also hear several success stories and a future forescast to see where the industry will be heading in the next few years.

Click HERE to see the program of the summit.

Do you have a revolutionary idea, project or product in the Smart City domain? Now, we open up the stage for you to compete for a free booth at this international summit! Move beyond theory and dive into hands-on practice with innovation. Demos provide a chance for you to present your ideas, project or products to a global audience and gain feedback from peers and professionals.

Through EAI Community tools, your submission will receive qualified feedbacks and objective evaluation. Use the community feedback to help boost your project in the direction of finding partners, achieving commercial success, and finally making your way to the market.

Submitted entries will be presented on Smartcity360° Summit Website for the entire EAI Community to vote on the most extraordinary project! Ultimately, the team which best demonstrates a future-thinking innovation and favorable investment opportunity stand the greatest chance of winning. EAI will promote best projects at its global events and through its publications and corporate members.

For further details contact us at:

Find more information about the Smart City 360° Summit on the official website.

Registration for the Summit is OPEN! REGISTER HERE

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