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DLI 2016, the 1st EAI International Conference on Design, Learning & Innovation, will take place in Esbjerg, Denmark on 2-3 May, 2016 and it will be co-located with the 5th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation (ArtsIT 2016).

Design, learning, and innovation frame the world of ICT, play and playfulness opening doors into an increasingly playful world. Whether it is about developing tools, technologies, environments, as well as content and approaches that can spark and nurture a passion for learning and transforming domains such as education, rehabilitation/therapy, work places, and cultural institutions, design, learning, and innovation is a powerful catalyst in empowering individuals to participate, communicate, and create to be able to exceed their own limits in a playful way: Such is the spirit behind driving the DLI 2016 conference.

Academics, designers, researchers, and practitioners with a background the fields of design, learning, and innovation towards creating, shaping, incubating playful learning designs, tools, technologies, experiences, processes, and outcomes, are invited to contribute to and participate in the DLI 2016!

DLI 2016 will host three keynote speakers: Dr Antoni Jaume Capó (Balearic Islands University), Prof. Sudarshan Khanna (ITRA – International Toy Research Association) and Surabhi Khanna (Designer, Educator, New Delhi, India).

Selected papers may be invited to publish in the EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies, selected works will appear in the International Journal of Arts and Technology (Inderscience).

I expect a few days full of life, happy and inspired participants, dynamics, interesting presentations – a boiling pot full of knowledge, experiences, and joy“, this is what the General Chair of DLI 2016 expects from the conference so, don’t miss it!

For further details about the conference, visit DLI 2016 official website.

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