New Issues of EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety are out!


The EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety provide a common forum to publish high quality papers, and to offer readers a single source to get inspiring ideas and important findings in this area. It is our honor to present the issues #7 and #8 of dedicated transactions on Security and Safety.

Cyber Security is a growing concern for society, governments and businesses.  The increasing interconnection between organisations, national infrastructures and personal devices through the internet increases the threat that cyber attacks pose to our way of life.  Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are an area of research that combines the physical aspects of security and safety with the traditional IT-based protection of digital assets.  With the roll-out of domestic smart metering solutions, home automation systems and larger national infrastructure projects such as smart grids and intelligent transport systems, the application areas in which physical and cyber space interact are steadily increasing.  Modern solutions in these areas remain underpinned by existing communication systems on which additional services are build (e.g. cloud-based solutions, ad-hoc networking infrastructures) that all present their individual security challenges.  The increasing interconnectedness of Cyber Physical Systems that link legacy infrastructures to contemporary and future environments means that cyber attacks no longer have only security, but also safety implications.

The two new issues of the journal are now available for free via EUDL with topics ranging from V2X Message Evaluation Methodology, Secret Key Generation, Prevention of Crime in B2C E-Commerce, Digital Forensics, and many more.

If your research meets the topics of the journal, do not hesitate to submit it.

Editorial Staff

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