Nanotubes, wearables, and STEM gender gap – weekly wrap-up


Quick rundown of things you may have missed last week:

Information gathered by wearables is more sensitive than you think

Our wearables are equipped with sensors that can help hackers reveal PIN codes with astonishing accuracy. How do we compensate for such a glaring security gap?


Video: Laurent Ros and Fabrice Belveze – Best Paper Award at CROWNCOM 2016

Boundaries of Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks continued to be pushed at CROWNCOM 2016.


Carbon nanotubes are about to dethrone silicon chips and reinstate Moore’s law

Pretty soon, we will be unable to squeeze any more juice out of silicon chips, but a worthy successor is becoming more and more realistic. 

FutureEnterprise Technological Trends: What’s coming for 5 traditional industries?

This week, FutureEnterprise is bringing an overview of what 5 traditional European industries are in for with the onset of rapid enterprise digitization.


Developing a resource management scheme to keep the Cloud afloat

With the global demand for bandwidth rising by the minute, energy efficiency is becoming a serious concern for any company with a Cloud operation. 


More women than men get discouraged out of science degrees by Calculus I

Percentage of women in STEM decreases each step of the way from graduate school to engineering practice, and there are no easy solutions. 


Video: Connecting the layers of heterogeneous networking

At QSHINE 2016 in Seoul, South Korea, we sat down to talk with Jong-Hyouk Lee on the topic of heterogeneous networking.


Exploring networks efficiently

Analysis of ant colony behavior could yield better algorithms for network communication.



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