MobiHealth 2015: deadline extension!


The 5th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare – “Transforming healthcare through innovations in mobile and wireless technologies” (MobiHealth 2015) will take place in London, Great Britain on October 14–16, 2015.

The MobiHealth 2015 Conference proposes to continue and extend the focus areas of the first 4 editions with focuses on specific research and scientific challenges in the Healthcare Technology domain faced in Europe and globally and hence more interactive input from industry. The essence of the conference lies in its interdisciplinary nature, with original contributions cutting across boundaries but all within the ambit of the application of mobile communications (technologies, standards, solutions, methodologies,…) to the improvement of human health. As such, the conference will have a multi-tier approach: going from implant sensors to ubiquitous patient monitoring environments and technologies from in-hospital to in-home.

The main themes will include:

  • Advances in sensor devices for biomedical monitoring;
  • Intra-body communication issues (propagation & transmission);
  • Body Area networks (architectures, protocols, scheduling, …);
  • Heterogenous and in-/on-/out- networks;
  • Wearable, outdoor and home-based applications;
  • Data collection and management at hubs, mobile devices and gateways;
  • Energy management and optimisation issues in biomedical devices and networks;
  • Decision support algorithms for data analysis;
  • Healthcare telemetry and telemedicine;
  • Remote diagnosis and patient management;
  • Accuracy, reliability, security, protection, identity, privacy, of diagnoses and data;
  • All-pervasive wireless systems for health applications;
  • Factoring in the environment (hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living,…).

The Conference will also host the workshop on Internet-of-Things for Healthcare: Smart Architectures, Applications, and Microsystems and the International Workshop on “Advances in Personalized Healthcare Services, Wearable Mobile Monitoring, and Social Media Pervasive Technologies”.

Special session of the 2015 edition will be: Hilbert Paradox, a unique way of worldwide capturing and correlating digital health data and Smart Phone based Health Diagnostics and Monitoring (SP-Health).

All accepted papers will be published by ACM and made available through ACM Digital Library, one of the world’s largest scientific libraries.

Important dates:

Paper submission deadline: July 24th, 2015

Acceptance Notification: August 10th, 2015

Camera-ready deadline: August 31st, 2015

Find more details here.

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