How can pervasive technology affect our lives?

Pervasivehealth conference cancun

Some of the major experts in the pervasive technology field have recently met at the PervasiveHealth 2015 Conference. Here, they shared opinions on how pervasive technology can affect our lives.

Sensor and pervasive sensing is now so common, especially in the houses of the elderly, who have difficulties living alone as well as in the houses of people who require assistance that it can finally make a real difference in their lifestyle. The aging of the society and the approach of individuals towards diseases has greatly affected the healthcare systems. Yet there still is great pressure on healthcare systems and on individuals to take a more active role in their approach to healthcare and wellbeing.

Prof. Paul Lukowicz, DFKI and Kaiserslautern University of Technology Germany, believes that the interdisciplinary focus of the Conference as well as the multi-national attendance contributed to create a real scientific community.

The PervasiveHealth community will celebrate its 10th reunion next year in Cancun, Mexico.

Read more about PervasiveHealth 2016 taking place on May 16-19, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico and watch the video here below.

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