Have you ever dreamt about travelling underwater?

Hyperloop One

Checking in first with recent news in feud between Hyperloop One and BamBrogan & Co., Hyperloop One is now filing a counter-lawsuit claiming the four, new defendants… [Brogan BamBrogan, Knut Sauer, David Pendergast and William Mulholland]

“…staged a failed coup to try to take over Hyperloop One and, failing that, conspired to steal our intellectual property and start their own company. They engaged in gross misconduct in pursuit of their illegal plan. They will now be held fully accountable in a court of law. Today’s filing also makes clear that the complaint filed last week was an attempt to divert attention, through lies and half-truths, from the erratic and insurrectionist behavior of these four individuals.”

Former Hyperloop One co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan (Source: Wired)

Apparently, these employees were dissatisfied with the way Hyperloop One was operating and the means to achieve justice entailed a coup d’etat. I am not sure how this case will unfold, however, one thing I know is that, like any other military or boardroom coup, rivals are formed. From Bambrogan’s perspective, he can hope that not all future work opportunities are lost if this case falls over his shoulders. On the other side, Hyperloop One representatives seek a successful counter-lawsuit in order to reassure investors of their stability and promising future.  

Despite the legal fights, Hyperloop One moves forward. If the idea of the Hyperloop wasn’t extraordinary enough for you til now, I introduce to you one of their newest proposal: the creation of an underwater offshore tunnel to be used for the transportation of cargo.

Peter Diamandis, a Hyperloop One board member and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, told Business Insider:

“Conceptually, I think one of the things that’s interesting about the future is there’s a lot of underutilized space underground… And I think one of the areas the Hyperloop can become an expert in is tunneling technology in the future.”

Hyperloop One proposed re-location of cargo ports off-shore (Source: Hexapolis)

Is this possible? Maybe, maybe not. But the benefits from doing such innovation deem great rewards for the society as a whole. First and foremost, it is crucial to note the difference in time it would take to transport loads of cargo through this new tunneling technology. Imagine a world where instead of having to rely on those massive container ships (which were revolutionary for us in the 1970’s), this proposed tunneling technology offers to solve this problem by transporting general cargo at extreme speeds. 

Further advantages of transporting cargo underwater include the creation of space on-shore for more real-estate opportunities and the potential to build greater public amenities. I envision that going from city A to city B in an underwater tube would be the closest thing to a Disneyland version ride for adults.

In order for any of these concepts to prevail against the test of time, Hyperloop One must use collaboration of the public and its constituents, which is exactly what they have been doing up until now.

Daniel Legmann

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