Future 5V 2016: call for workshop

Workshop Future 5V

The 1st EAI International Conference on Future Intelligent Vehicular Technologies (Future 5V 2016) will take place in Porto, Portugal on September 15-17, 2016.

Future 5V is an annual international conference by EAI (European Alliance for Innovation) and co-sponsored by Springer. Future 5V welcomes research articles in the field of Vehicular networks/communications, covering theory and practices in the after mentioned field of study.

The Conference will held the Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT) meets Big Data and Cloud Computing (IoT-BC 2016), in which participants will have the possibility to investigated from different perspectives the following application domains:

  • Data storage techniques for IoT generated Data;
  • Interoperability of unrelated hardware architectures;
  • Security of IoT generated data at Clouds;
  • Authentication and Authorization algorithms for interacting real-world physical objects;
  • Data Analysis tools;
  • Data Fusion and Data Redundancy techniques for collected data;
  • Routing techniques for efficient resource utilization;
  • Quality of Service of collected data;
  • Real-world applications.

Selected papers will be published in Springer’s MONET Journal’s Issue.

Important dates:

Workshop Proposal Deadline: 1st August, 2016


For further information about IoT-BC 2016, visit the Workshop website.

If you need further information about Future 5V 2016, visit the Conference official website.

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