FI-ADOPT: Documenta wins Phase 1 of IMAILE project


The consortium composed of Edebé, Documenta, and Gradiant wins phase 1 of the IMAILE project with the innovative AMIGO platform.

IMAILE, Innovative Methods for Awards Procedures of ICT Learning in Europe, is an innovative project funded with support from the European Commission in the context of The Seventh Framework Programme.

The city of Halmstad (Sweden) is coordinating the FP7 project IMAILE where public procurers of ICT in Education from 4 countries are using the PCP instrument (pre-commercial procurement) to stimulate user driven innovation in cooperation with European ICT industry, research and SMEs.  The overall objective of IMAILE is to  to identify new technologies and services which address the challenge of providing the next generation of Personal Learning Environments (PLE) in primary and secondary education within the subjects of Science, Math and Technology (STEM).

The IMAILE project foresees a selection process in three phases, at the end of which 4 prototypes will be obtained, and two of them will be used in a large scale pilot stage with teachers and students from the countries involved.

The AMIGO platform, (SMART STEM Learning Ecosystem), submitted by the consortium composed of Edebé (a leading educational publisher), Documenta (Innovative SME from Barcelona who develop educational software and multimedia production) and Gradiant (a reference ICT Technology Centre in Galicia), has been selected as one of the 7 winning proposals in Phase 1, while obtaining the best score from all the selected proposals.

A team composed of professionals from the three companies is now working to design a full proposal to be submitted on 22nd April. The IMAILE consortium expects to announce the results of the second selection in May 2016, when we will know if the AMIGO will become a full technological prototype.

AMIGO aims at developing an immersive environment that provides primary and lower secondary schools with a student centered learning approach. AMIGO integrates the six modules STEM enriched dynamic profile, STEM personal learning environment, Authoring tool, STEM social network, Learning chart and analytics, and Life-Long Learning ePortfolio from a visual and functional point of view. Accordingly, AMIGO aims at delivering a holistic ecosystem providing the next generation personal learning environment for STEM subjects including multiple different functionalities aiming at increasing the motivation of students to learn STEM and increasing the study results by adapting the learning to the students’ needs.

DOCUMENTA contribution is key in this proposal. The enterprise will integrate into AMIGO the 2 innovative products, the eportfolio and the authoring tool, developed in the framework of the BRAIM project, funded under FI-ADOPT program.

Learn more about IMAILE (FP7).

Learn more about Documenta.

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