Call for Papers – Special Issue in Methods of Information in Medicine


After the Successful EAI Pervasive Health Conference 2015 that took place in Istanbul (Turkey) on May 2015, we are proud to announce the following Call for Papers for a Special Issue in Methods of Information in Medicine Journal:

– Call for Papers “Methods of Information in Medicine – Focus Theme” –

Detecting information from wearables and mobiles that are relevant to clinical and self-directed therapy

Guest editors: Bert Arnrich, Cem Ersoy, Oscar Mayora, Anind Dey, Nadia Berthouze, Kai Kunze

In the past few years, the emergence of wearables and mobiles has leveraged the tracking and benchmarking of people’s health and wellbeing in daily life. While there is an active involvement of a minority of people who already care much about their healthy lifestyle, most of the new technologies fall short when it comes to involving the majority of people who could benefit most: the chronically ill, the old, people with sedentary lifestyle, overweight, people with bad dietary habits, etc.  This focus theme addresses contributions that target wearable and mobile technologies to support clinical and self-directed therapy. We seek novel, innovative, and exciting work in the following areas:

  • Interoperability with clinical information systems
  • Patient and caregiver empowerment
  • Implementing condition-specific requirements
  • Wearable and implantable sensor integration
  • Design and evaluation of patient and ambient-related sensors
  • Clinical applications, validation and evaluation studies
  • Telemedicine and mHealth solutions
  • Chronic disease and health risk management applications
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Continuous vs event-driven monitoring of patients
  • Smart hospitals
  • Systems to support individuals with auditory, cognitive, or vision impairments
  • Systems to support caregivers

High quality, original manuscripts will be subject to a rigorous review process. Submissions must follow the submission guidelines of Methods of Information in Medicine. Papers must not have appeared in, nor be under consideration by other journals. Please submit electronically under and select “Original Article for a Focus Theme” as manuscript type. Please mention in the cover letter the title of this Focus Theme.

To submit, please click here.

Submission deadline: October 19, 2015

Contact: Bert Arnrich <>

Editorial Staff

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