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The 9th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (BICT) will take place at Columbia University, in New York City, United States on December 3-5, 2015.

BICT 2015 aims to provide a world-leading and multidisciplinary venue for researchers and practitioners in diverse disciplines that seek the understanding of key principles, processes and mechanisms in biological systems and leverage those understandings to develop novel information and communications technologies (ICT). The conference targets two thrusts:

THRUST 1: Indirect Bioinspiration (ICT designed after biological principles, processes and mechanisms). Examples include evolutionary computation, artificial gene regulatory networks, neural networks/computation, swarm intelligence, cellular automata, artificial immune systems, amorphous computing, artificial life, artificial chemistry, reaction-diffusion computing, self-organization, chaotic systems, social networks, game theory, computational epidemics, agent-based modeling, and nature-inspired models and calculi.

THRUST 2: Direct Bioinspiration (ICT utilizing biological materials and systems). Examples include biosensing, molecular assembly, cellular computing, molecular computing/communication, membrane computing, bacterial computing/communication, DNA computing and memory, Physarum computing, quantum computing, biometric security/authentication, brain-computer interfaces and energy harvesting from biological sources.

Moreover, the  technical program consists of the main track and a series of special tracks, workshops and worldwide experts in the field will organize keynote speeches.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in leading journals.

Important dates

Regular paper submission due: August 3

Short and poster/demo paper submission due: September 22

Notification for regular papers: September 21

Notification for short and poster/demo papers: October 1

Camera ready due: October 15


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