Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are a big deal. They provide essential services for critical national or organizational infrastructure, and to compromise them means to compromise the continued security of these countries. They are responsible for the management of processes that, if not executed correctly, pose a significant risk to the health and safety of human lives.


While many students struggle with math on the way to their STEM degrees, latest research shows that women are much more likely to get discouraged by the major hurdle – Calculus I. And the issue isn’t knowledge or skill, but a severe lack of confidence. The gender gap in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math) is well known and broadly discussed, and many initiatives are already under way aiming to bring in and retain more women.


The segment of wearable technology is booming, but if you’re actively using a smart watch, you are producing more data than you are probably aware of. Data that hackers find very attractive. When we say that wearables are booming, it is not an overstatement. It is reportedly already producing an estimated $14 billion in sales worldwide – and is expected to to more than double within the next four years.


Alzheimer’s disease is really tough to diagnose. More specifically, it is tough to diagnose at an early stage, when something can still be done to slow it down. Currently, MRI is employed to detect early forms of dementia, such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI), but we have been unable to effectively distinguish them from Alzheimer’s disease until after brain tissue has suffered irreversible damage.