A trio of INNOVER-EAST events to address energy efficiency in Belarus


INNOVER-EAST will host three events in Minsk, Belarus between May 11-13, 2016 to address the energy efficiency policies in Belarus, as well as the need for innovation and promotion in this area.

Starting on the 11th, National Policy Workshop will be held to overview and discuss the current state and development trends of the national energy efficiency (EE), as well as the lessons learned in Belarus and the EU, together with the role of innovation in promoting EE. The outcome of this workshop will be recommendations on further development of the national EE policy, contributing to the final Innover-East policy event aimed at summarizing the lessons learned from 5 Eastern Partnership countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine. Lastly, recommendations will be formulated for EU member states and Eastern Partnership policy makers on a wider and more effective cooperation.

Continuing on the 12thBrokerage Event will facilitate the matchmaking of research organizations and businesses with the aim of upscaling and commercializing research results and innovative products. Local innovation players will be made aware of selected local and EU financial instruments to support their innovation activities. The series of events will be concluded on the by the 3rd Project Meeting on the 13th.

INNOVER-EAST is an EU-funded project with its main objective to bridge the gap between research and innovation; between researchers and business; and between the EU and the targeted Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine) in the field of energy efficiency.

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