Less than a week left until an international “get-together” of the Body Area Network experts


Only 6 days are left until the Senate House in the heart of Bloomsberry will host the 9th International Conference on Body Area Networks (BANs) – an intensive exchange of high-quality research findings and ideas between researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines such as Wearable Computing, Embedded Devices and Medical Applications, Communications and Networking, and many others. Those pushing the boundaries in the body area network field will liaise with each other and the public within the main track and several special tracks.

Satisfaction is guaranteed to all speakers well in advance: all accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library and submitted for the most widely used indexing. Better yet, the best papers will have the opportunity to be published in the special issue IEEE Trans. on Affective Computing to be edited by Prof. Giancarlo Fortino. To top it off, the event offers another adventure into the realm of smart health: The Third Ultra Wideband for Body Area Networking Workshop primarily focusing on revolutionary technological solutions for remote monitoring of vital signs and other indispensable medical data.

Just imagine: numerous distinguished BANs experts from around the world such as Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang (Imperial College London), Prof. Antonio Liotta (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), Prof. Mischa Dohler (King’s College London) and many others sharing, exploring, networking, socializing, brainstorming, and exchanging ideas in the largest EU capital!

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