“Please put on your 3D glasses” A phrase, buried deep inside our minds. This statement accompanies every 3D screening and essentially, prompts us to wear the glasses in order to not spend the next few hours in a blurry, visual mess. Imagine that all you ever needed to grab was a popcorn bucket and a large soda, no spectacles that don’t sit on the nose properly.


There is definitely more to the ancestry between primates and humans than simple evolution curve. We may share very similar body structure, behavioral traits or even resemblance, but a recent study led by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln presents evidence that chimpanzee-carried simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIVs), considered by the virologists to be ancestors of HIV, can infect human cells.

A detailed new map lays out the landscape of the cerebral vortex

Humans are extraordinary species. Since the dawn of our existence, we continue to explore the world, trying to understand every single motion, scent, color, behavior. Curiosity is the engine that drives us forward. We are the cartographers, fueled by eagerness, mapping everything that we encounter and giving reason as to why phenomenons happen the way they do. By understanding the world, we strive to understand ourselves.

hand touch screen graph on a tablet

We have discussed already in previous posts how the recognized technological trends are implemented in practice, or how they are about to transform 5 traditional industries in Europe. We have even presented how someone may work to become a new form of enterprise, and we have given a detailed description of the different business components that comprise a digital enterprise…